About Us

Our Story

Harmony Health & Well-Being (HHWB) opened in September 2005 and has been at its current location in Oshawa since 2008. Harmony Health & Well-Being is a collaborative community of therapists who support each other in each other’s practices and daily routines of life. We are a team who genuinely gets along and help each other out; we invest in the well-being of each other, and we love to laugh together as we pass each other in the halls. This feeling of community and this camaraderie become an energy that is palpable to the people who enter the clinic. Clients feel good just entering the clinic; we can’t help but think that this is the first step to better health. Our team hears about these “good vibes” a lot.

Cumulatively, our practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating various complaints and ailments. Your quest to better health with us at HHWB will begin and continue in a highly professional, educational, and unpretentious atmosphere with a generous dose of good vibes thrown in.

While ownership naturally shifted over the years, our original vision of a community living in well-being has remained unchanged. We continue to provide a space for our clients and patients to foster, participate, educate, and relax into wholeness and well-being. We do this by offering a variety of healthcare and healing services to meet all of your needs.